Expert support for terminology management

We can create specialized terminology databases, glossaries and in-house dictionaries from virtually any format. EHLION believes in creating customized solutions for optimum results. That's why we work with cross-platform tools, develop tailor-made workflows, and even create special programs where required.  

Terminology projects – whether they involve terminology management or the creation of a new terminology glossary – are a challenge we love. That’s because they give us a chance to put our extensive expertise to good use. And you benefit from greater efficiency and reliable quality management for all your corporate communications. 

Expert support for terminology management

What is terminology management? 

This is a problem many companies are familiar with: a given product can have many different descriptions or spellings in just a single language. If it is translated into another language – or into multiple languages – the terminology often starts to proliferate wildly. 

Professional terminology management can lend a helping hand. The first step is to build a glossary of appropriate, company-wide terminology. This means defining which terms should be used and how they should be written – throughout the whole company.  

Creating a professional terminology glossary serves to unify your corporate language. Initially, the exact type of terminology is unimportant – it could be an English to French glossary of legal terminology, for example, or a resource for complex Spanish medical terminology. 


What is a terminology database? 

The foundation for all professional terminology management is an in-house terminology database. This is a special type of database that makes it possible to manage files systematically – in this case, terminology files. 

Terminology databases are often created and managed as a component of professional translation services. Consequently, these terminology databases are bilingual or multilingual. For each term in the source language, the database provides all translations that have been saved or defined for the various target languages. 

These databases of specialist terminology are sometimes referred to as term banks. They are usually part of the software that is used in computer-aided translation (CAT). 


EHLION's team of experts is happy to advise you on creating bilingual and multilingual 

  • terminology databases, 

  • glossaries, 

  • thesauruses and 

  • in-house dictionaries


Make an appointment for a free initial consultation on terminology management and the creation of terminology resources. 

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The benefits of professional terminology management 

It doesn’t matter whether your company is already using terminology databases, or if you are just beginning to learn about the topic. We will work closely with you to develop solutions that are tailored to your needs – solutions that help you with quality assurance and knowledge management, as well as implementing a consistent corporate language. 

If required, we can also edit and rework your texts to ensure consistent use of your in-house terminology. EHLION's terminology services give you the support you need to ensure that your corporate language is used consistently. 


With terminology management, you’ll be able to: 

  • organize collaboration between employees and external service providers more efficiently, 

  • ensure that your terminology is used correctly even when the translation is done by an external prover – regardless of which translation service provider you use, and 

  • ensure that your company presents itself to the public in a way that is unified and consistent. 


EHLION makes sure that your technical documentation, your marketing materials and your sales teams all speak the same language. In areas such as medicine, medical technology and IT/software, a terminology database can help you take a standardized approach to complex fields of vocabulary and ensure consistent communication with your customers. 


Professional software to create customized solutions 

As might be expected, modern terminology management requires the use of appropriate terminology management software. EHLION works with a variety of cross-platform tools, develops tailored workflows and, when required, even writes special programs to create terminology resources. 

We work with industry standard CAT tools such as SDL MultiTerm. These enable us to create glossaries and in-house terminology databases from your existing texts. EHLION's team of experts is happy to advise you on finding the best terminology management solutions for your company, regardless of whether you opt to have EHLION run your terminology projects or whether you prefer to run them in-house. 

We are also available to provide expert assistance with introducing terminology projects and terminology management at your company. Our experts can advise you on selecting an appropriate tool and assist you in creating your database. We’ll make sure that each entry is saved correctly, and that your corporate language is consistent in each and every target market. 


Contact us for a personalized consultation about terminology management! 

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