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Both our everyday lives and almost every sector of the business world are becoming increasingly globalized. These days, companies and institutions are obliged to operate far beyond their national borders. This is reflected not only in companies themselves, but also at congresses, meetings and conferences – and not just the major ones –  at which both the speakers and the audience members may hail from anywhere in the world. 

At a meeting of experts from a specific field, such as the 

it is not uncommon for representatives of a dozen or more nationalities to get together. Most people can communicate in English in simple face-to-face conversations.  

However, this is not necessarily the case for technically complex  

  • lectures,  

  • presentations or  

  • negotiations.   

This is why the organizers of international events tend to rely on the competent support of qualified professional simultaneous interpreters to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations.   

EHLION’s interpreters will ensure that you achieve flawless, first-class communication at all your international events. Our interpreters offer specialist knowledge covering an extensive range of industries,  in all the languages and language combinations included in our language portfolio! 

Professional, first-class language services in any foreign language: that is what EHLION stands for.  


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For companies 


As your expert professional language services partner, EHLION is exactly the right service provider for the highly demanding task of simultaneous translation. 

We ensure that our interpreters are available for all necessary language combinations, and for the required periods of time. If required, we can also take care of organizing the technology,  


  • soundproof booths with a control center, 

  • interpreters’ desks including headphones and microphones for the interpreters, and 

  • wireless headsets and infrared headphones for the participants. 

If, for example, there are no booths provided for the interpreters at the event location, we will arrange to provide and set up the required number of modern mobile interpreter booths.  

You can rely on EHLION’S ability to ensure smooth and effective communications, enabling all the participants at your event to concentrate fully on the content.  


Bespoke, customized solutions for complex language services 

Is it important to you for your international contacts and guests to be directly involved in the discussion? If so, then simultaneous interpreting is the right solution for you. 

Contributions to the conversation are translated into the desired language almost without delay, facilitating direct communication without any detours and enabling the participants to react and respond directly to what is said.  

We also offer a telephone interpreting service for conversations between people at different locations, and, for smaller groups, we provide the technically less complex whispered interpreting service. Whispered interpreting is the same as simultaneous interpreting, but the translation is delivered in a whisper so as not to disturb the speaker and other listeners 

The interpreter is in the same room as both the speaker and the audience, instead of being in a separate booth, as is usual with simultaneous interpreting. In whispered interpreting, the interpreter sits close to the person for whom he is translating and quietly whispers the translation into his or her ear. The primary benefit of this is its organizational simplicity, as whispered interpreting requires hardly any technical equipment.  

Not sure which interpreting method is right for your event? No problem – we can develop a bespoke solution just for you, and  we can also manage all of the technology required for your conference. 


What is simultaneous interpreting? 

Simultaneous interpreters translate spoken language directly, i.e. without delay, into another language. Simultaneous translators are also referred to synonomously as simultaneous translators, synchronous translators and cabin translators. 


How does simultaneous interpreting work? 

Simultaneous interpreters must listen to and comprehend the source language whilst spontaneously translating it into the target language – this requires an extremely high degree of receptivity and concentration as well as professional competence on their part.  

A simultaneous interpreter must simultaneously remember and understand what is being said, and then repeat it in the target language. 

Technically, this is how simultaneous interpreting works: the interpreter listens to the speaker's words via headphones (in a soundproof booth) and speaks the target-language translation into a microphone. The participants can listen to the translation directly via headphones.  

Large-scale events often call for the use of multiple interpreters,  with each interpreter being assigned a specific language pair. In many cases, depending on the duration of a lecture or presentation, two interpreters are used for the same language, allowing them to relieve one another after a certain period of time. This ensures that the best translation results can be delivered throughout. 

Synchronous translation entails a high degree of personal responsibility. After all, large-scale events are attended by participants with diverse language backgrounds from different cultures, and it is the interpreter's responsibility to ensure that no misunderstandings arise as a result of translation errors. For this to succeed, the translated speech needs to be accurate the first time. This explains why it is so important to use a qualified specialist for simultaneous interpreting. 

Don't take any risks at your international events – rely on EHLION, your competent partner for simultaneous interpreting. .  


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For companies 


Both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting are potential options for large and small events (conference interpreting). Our highly qualified and experienced language professionals translate the spoken word immediately and correctly.  

Lively interactions with all your event participants thanks to simultaneous translation 

Our interpreters combine linguistic and technical competence to ensure effective communication across all language barriers.  

EHLION’s interpreters achieve remarkable results: they follow the spoken word with an intense degree of focus and translate it almost simultaneously into the target language. The flow of translated speech enables the listener to follow the speaker word for word and respond directly, without delay. Whatever your event, our simultaneous interpreting will enable you and your international guests or participants to interact naturally with each other. 

Simultaneous interpreting: a vital success factor for international events 

Regardless of the industry sector or subject area concerned, very few international events can succeed without the services of simultaneous interpreters, and there's a good reason for that: a certain quality standard is simply expected from events attended by international guests from all over Europe or even further afield. In terms of quality, the use of simultaneous interpreters is crucial for such events –  

because successful communication is essential to the success of any event, whatever its type or central theme. Simultaneous interpreting ensures successful communication regardless of the number of different nationalities and cultures involved. 

EHLION’s highly qualified interpreters can make a crucial contribution to the success of your entire event, whereby our overriding objective is to assure your satisfaction as our valued customer. What's more, thanks to our strict quality standards, our performance consistently exceeds expectations.  


A wide range of applications for simultaneous interpreters 

Theoretically, there are no limits to what interpreters and translators can do. The type of events at which our simultaneous translators are happy to help include: 

  • international conferences, conventions and congresses,  

  • trade fairs, 

  • seminars, continuing education courses and workshops, 

  • guided tours and factory tours, 

  • presentations and product demonstrations. 

Don’t worry if the business event you’re currently planning doesn’t quite fall into any of these categories: simply take advantage of our experience with international events of all types and sizes, and talk to us about your ideas and event plans. We’ll develop the perfect solution for you! 


EHLION’s simultaneous interpreting service in a wide range of languages and language pairs 

Our experienced interpreters provide simultaneous translation services at the highest level, and with the requisite professional expertise. We can even find you the right interpreter for uncommon specialist topics. Our simultaneous interpretation service is available in English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, German and more. Our language portfolio  includes over 100 languages. 

Costs for simultaneous interpreters at international events 

Are you interested in learning more about our simultaneous interpreting service? Would you like to know what the hourly rate is for simultaneous interpreting? Chat to us about your project and your requirements and we’ll prepare a personal quote based on what you tell us, tailored to your needs and budget. 


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