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We are certified according to ISO 17100 and offer language services in countless languages and language combinations. Our translators deliver target-language texts of the highest quality in terms of specialist expertise as well as style. Our team of experienced project managers handle all jobs professionally and efficiently. SPEAK THE WORLD® We work for you and with you to ensure barrier-free communication that transcends all borders! All this with a passion for language and a loving attention to detail, because quality is always our top priority. 

As a full-service agency, EHLION is your partner of choice for every aspect of international communication: Our translation services cover professional interpreting and translation, technical documentation, website localization, DTP & foreign-language typesetting as well as a wide range of other language services in more than 100 languages and 800 language pairs.  

We offer you: 

✔  professional translations in accordance with our ISO 17100 certification 

✔  qualified and professional native-speaker translation experts 

✔  individual consulting and solutions tailored specifically to your requirements 

✔  the highest quality in over 100 languages and 800 language pairs 

✔  personal assistance from experienced project managers 

✔  full service: Let us handle all your international communication  


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Certified translations of certificates, contracts, deeds, etc. 

Need a certified translation of a birth certificate, high school or university diploma, job reference, marriage certificate, expert's report or legal agreement? EHLION will provide you with certified translations of all types of documents from and into any of the languages in our portfolio. 

Certified translations are provided by sworn, publicly appointed, licensed or state-accredited translators. The EHLION translators with their outstanding qualifications always meet all the prerequisites for being authorized to produce certified translations, and carry out their translations with the utmost precision and accuracy. If required, we can also have your document certified by a notary. 


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Certified Translations 


We provide professional technical documentation 

EHLION's technical translators and editors are just the specialists you need for professional translation of technical documents, such as product descriptions, instruction manuals, operating and installation guides, or online support and assistance videos. They will provide you with a professional and reliable localization of your technical documentation in any of the languages in our portfolio. Our technical translators are also experts in a wide variety of industries, from the automotive sector to the electrical industry, and from mechanical engineering and medical technology to environmental technology. 



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Technical documentation and editing


Our interpreters speak all languages 

EHLION will provide you with qualified interpreters for various types of interpreting (e.g. simultaneous interpreting) and for all languages and language pairs. We also ensure that all our interpreters possess all the necessary expertise and qualifications. Our professional interpreters will interpret for you in all languages and at any type of event. 

Need an interpreter for a very specific subject area? Looking for a court interpreter for appointments with a judicial authority? We will find the right expert interpreter for you and create an interpreting solution tailored specifically to your needs! Our interpreters will interpret for you in French, English, German, and all other languages in the EHLION portfolio. If required, we can also provide you with interpreters who have been sworn before a court. 


EHLION offers comprehensive interpreting services: 


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We proofread and edit your texts professionally and perfectly 

Many people associate proofreading with the proofreading and editing of dissertations, theses, and other academic works. In fact, translations in particular also benefit from this process. We proofread and edit your texts and translations, to ensure that the spelling, grammar, style and content are all correct, easy to read and understandable! 

EHLION’s high-quality translations can be combined with our professional proofreading and editing services in all languages: revision is performed according to ISO 17100, the new standard for translation services. Each translation is thoroughly checked by a second translator to make sure the target text corresponds accurately to the original and is well written. To achieve the highest quality, we always recommend this additional review of the translations by a specialist proofreader/editor to all our clients. 


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EHLION specialist translations of the highest quality 

We deliver the highest-quality specialist translations in a wide range of subject areas, including medicine and medical technology, finance, all types of technology and technical subject areas, and texts from the legal sector. Our qualified translators have verified specialist knowledge in the required areas and translate exclusively into their native languages. 

Translating complex and academic texts from the areas of medicine, law, or technology requires in-depth knowledge of the relevant subject matter. As a specialist in international communication, we translate your content reliably, correctly and precisely into each language – take advantage of our extensive expertise in translation services and contact us today for an individual quote! 


Localization of software, apps and websites 

Professional localization of software, apps and websites is our secret passion! Our EHLION localization pros combine linguistic competence with comprehensive experience in localization. We provide expert, individual advice on your particular localization project. And we can guide and support you through every step of the process – from planning right through to successful implementation. 

By localizing your apps into other languages  you can reach users of smartphones and tablets in your new international target markets. As well as translating the content, our experienced localization experts also adapt the user interface of your app, including graphics and color palettes. When it comes to the professional localization of software, we not only translate but also adapt all content, user interfaces and accompanying documentation to the foreign language. We even take care of adapting all linguistic, visual and content elements of your website to suit the international target market and international target groups.  


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Order processing: Quick, reliable and customized 

As a full-service translation agency, EHLION is your partner of choice for every aspect of international communication: we offer comprehensive language services of the highest quality. Our team of experienced project managers handles all orders personally and professionally. 

Order placement and acceptance is as simple as possible and tailored specifically to your requirements. We work quickly and reliably. Moreover, you will always have a personal contact you can get in touch with any time you have questions regarding your order. EHLION also guarantees good value for money without sacrificing the high quality of our language services. 

So you have a very specialized, complex project? We will be happy to work with you to create customized workflows, and will process your order individually to meet your specific needs! We are your reliable partner for all types of translation services. 


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Our philosophy: to be uncompromisingly good! 

At EHLION, values such as quality, professionalism and reliability form the core of our company philosophy: One thing you'll notice is that quality is always our top priority. That's because we deliver uncompromisingly excellent texts with a passion for language and loving attention to detail. We set the highest quality standards in our consultancy work too. Professionalism and reliability are part and parcel of our work with you to ensure that your communication is always successful across all borders. 


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EHLION | High-quality language solutions

EHLION offers a comprehensive range of professional services designed to help global businesses communicate effectively and confidently in foreign-language markets. We provide high-quality language service in more than 800 languages and 100 language pairs. We also offer services to help you prepare multilingual technical documentation as well as professional DTP and foreign language typesetting to ensure all your materials are delivered to you print-ready. And with EHLION's cross-cultural coaching, you and your employees can gain the knowledge and skills you need to navigate the challenges of foreign assignments and doing business with international clients and partners. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our services can be tailored to meet your needs. EHLION – for perfect texts in any language.

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