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EHLION's translations into Swedish ensure that your company’s message and content come across just as convincingly in Swedish as in your native language. Our specialized Swedish translators take a professional approach to translating your contracts and quarterly reports and technical documentation and handling Swedish-English terminology projects.

Swedish | svenska | [ˈsvɛ̀nska]

So, what does Swedish sound like?

Would you like to hear a sample of someone speaking it? Click play to get an initial impression of how Swedish sounds. Listen carefully to the specific rhythm and intonation of the language. The text read by our Swedish narrator is an extract from the famous children’s classic “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils”.

The book from which this extract is taken is one of the best-known works of Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940), "Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige" (English title “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils”), which was published in 1906 and followed by a sequel in 1907. Probably better known today in its various adaptations as an animated movie or TV series, the story was originally written as a geography reader for schools and describes a young boy’s picturesque journey throughout the provinces of Sweden, riding on the back of a wild goose.

Did you know...?

Did you know that, in July, the sun never sets in the Swedish town of Kiruna, in the far north of the country, and that even the capital city of Stockholm enjoys 18 hours of daylight at this time of year? By contrast, the days are very short in winter. The polar night plunges Kiruna into almost total darkness for 3 weeks in January, and even the residents of Stockholm only get to see the sun for 6 hours a day. Spoken Swedish has a typical singsong rhythm, as you can hear in our audio recording. The range of tonalities unique to this language often makes it sound as if it is being sung rather than spoken. The so-called “sje” sound is one of the most difficult aspects of Swedish phonetics for non-native speakers. It occurs in numerous words and is represented by more than 50 different spellings (including sj, stj, tj, sk, rsi, xj, kti, and sch) which are all pronounced in exactly the same way.


Approximately 8.5 million people speak Swedish as their native language, most of whom live in Sweden or neighboring parts of Finland. Swedish is the official language of Sweden and an official EU language. It is also an official language in Finland, which is home to 300,000 Swedes of Finnish descent. More than one million people are estimated to speak Swedish as a foreign language. Swedish belongs to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European family of languages. There are many dialects of Swedish, including one that has many features in common with Norwegian and many other regional dialects spoken on the island of Gotland, in the provinces of Norrland, Svealand, and Götaland, and in the southern regions of Sweden.

The Swedish Language Council or Språkrådet is responsible for the advancement and cultivation of the Swedish language. The standard dictionary for the Swedish language is the "SAOL” published by the Swedish Academy. This work lists all Swedish words and their definitions. The Academy meets once a year to decide which new words should be added to the dictionary.

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