Language services for the public sector

EHLION supports federal and state authorities and agencies in their communication activities with international partners. We assist cities and municipalities in the preparation of multilingual information, and provide specialized translations for federal, state and municipal offices and institutions. These are just a few of the services we offer to customers in the public sector. We would be delighted to tell you more about our various language services and put together a package of services tailored specifically to your needs.

Translations for the public sector

Many public authorities and agencies are entrusted with specialist advisory and research projects for which documentation often has to be translated into English as well as other languages. EHLION delivers specialized translations of the highest quality. Our translators are exclusively native speakers who have corresponding expertise in the relevant subjects, and we cover a huge range of specialist areas and industries. Browse through the "Industry sectors" and "Areas of specialization" sections of our website at to find out which specific areas we cover. We also translate websites and publications for public universities and research institutes.

EHLION's language services support federal, state and municipal authorities in their international communication activities. We deliver translations of information, brochures, leaflets and application forms issued to people with a migration background by immigration authorities, citizens' registration offices, health authorities, and social security offices. We also support social insurance institutions such as employment and pension insurance offices in communicating with citizens of different national origins.

We can get you ready to handle diversity

As well as translations, EHLION also offers professional localization of websites that are aimed at target groups of different nationalities, for example for citizens' registration offices and immigration authorities in cities and municipalities that have a high proportion of residents who speak other languages. We also translate and localize the materials you use to market your location to foreign investors as well as your Web portals aimed at international city travelers and people attending major events.

Finally, EHLION's cross-cultural coaching service is a great way to boost the intercultural skills of public-sector employees to help them work with citizens of different national origins. It is often possible to avoid misunderstandings by raising people's awareness of language and cultural issues. That can transform the linguistic and cultural diversity around you into an enriching experience.

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EHLION | Specialist translations of the highest quality

As a full-service agency, EHLION is a professional, efficient and trusted partner to the public sector. We provide language services of the highest quality, including outstanding specialized translations, professional localization of websites and apps, customized interpreting services, personalized language consulting and much, much more. We offer a wide range of languages including all the EU languages – for example Bulgarian, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian - as well as Croatian, Serbian, Russian and Turkish. In everything we do for you, the quality of our services is our top priority. Our philosophy unites a passion for language with meticulous attention to detail, enabling us to create translations of uncompromising quality.

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