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Would you like to have your general terms and conditions – which were almost certainly drawn up by experienced lawyers – translated properly into the various languages of your target markets? Or perhaps you're a global service provider that needs license agreements translated into the languages of your customers around the globe? EHLION offers professional language services in the field of law and justice to companies, administrative agencies, and public corporations. In addition to our professional translations of legal texts, we can also provide you with support from court-sworn interpreters as required. Please get in touch to find out how our legal language and translation services can meet your needs.

We know the difference between a solicitor and an attorney

Specialist vocabulary is an integral part of the law in virtually every language. A term that might sound relatively harmless in a general context can take on explosive power when used in the legal context of a contract. That's why it's so important to ensure that specialized translations of legal texts are carried out by professionals who possess legal expertise as well as qualifications in translation. Our EHLION language professionals are familiar with the different legal systems and legal traditions of the countries where the languages they work with are spoken. They are highly skilled linguists who take into account the context of everything they translate. EHLION's specialized translators are experts in the legal and bureaucratic terminology of their specialist languages.

EHLION helps companies, foundations and professional associations translate a wide variety of contracts, statutes and agreements, including employment contracts, sales contracts and loan agreements. Our competent professionals translate general terms and conditions of business, license agreements and terms of use into the languages of your customers. For companies and independent inventors, EHLION offers specialist patent translations. Upon request, our court-sworn translators can also provide certified translations.

To lease or to hire? We know the difference

EHLION language professionals provide language services in all areas of public law. We help administrative bodies and local authorities create multilingual versions of their information, publications and communication materials. We also offer a wide range of language services in all areas of commercial law, company law and competition law, ranging from specialized translations and terminology creation to interpreting.

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As a full-service agency, we are a professional and reliable partner when it comes to specialized translations in all areas of law. The services we offer include the execution of localization projects (websites, apps, software), cross-cultural coaching, language consulting and professional translation project management. Our qualified and experienced professional translators can translate your texts into all the EU languages. Of course we also offer translations in numerous other non-EU languages such as Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. At EHLION, quality is the cornerstone of everything we do.  Our philosophy unites a passion for language with meticulous attention to detail, enabling us to create translations of uncompromising quality.

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