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Given the mobility of capital today, it’s hardly surprising that the financial services sector is one of the most globalized industries of all. That means that key players such as banks, financial service providers and stock exchanges have a duty to ensure they communicate reliably and effectively across all linguistic boundaries.

Organizations in this sector also have to submit any documentation that is relevant to stock exchanges and the financial industry in multiple different languages. EHLION's specialist translators enable you to meet these and similar challenges successfully, as they possess outstanding qualifications in translation as well as comprehensive expertise in the relevant subject matter.



Full industry coverage

EHLION's professionals translate exclusively into their native languages, and they are well versed in specialist financial terminology. Our translations cover the entire range of topics within the industry, including bank regulation, risk management, international trading on the stock exchanges, investment banking, corporate finance, accounting and controlling.

The translators at EHLION who are specialized in financial services are familiar with a wide array of documentation, including quarterly reports, annual financial statements and contracts as well as multilingual content relevant to investor relations, websites and internal corporate communication. As you would expect, we guarantee absolute discretion and complete confidentiality of your information and documents at all times.

With our terminology creation and maintenance, EHLION supports actors in the financial services sector in the development of uniform, consistent specialist terminology and corporate language that is genuinely understood within your own company as well as by your customers in all the different segments. We would be glad to advise you on how our terminology creation service could work for you based on your existing documentation.

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EHLION offers professional translations to companies in the financial industry. As a full-service agency, we can also offer many other specialist services in the fields of language and international communication, EHLION can assist you in the ongoing internationalization of your company, e.g. by implementing the professional localization of your website together with you. Would you like to standardize your multilingual corporate communication? We can create specialized terminology databases, glossaries and in-house dictionaries from virtually any format. And our highly skilled DTP team will ensure perfect typesetting of all your foreign language materials. Would you like to find out more about the languages we offer? In addition to French, German and English, our qualified professionals support content translation in 100 languages. EHLION — putting language first

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