Language services for the electrical and electronics industries

EHLION helps electrical and electronics companies with global value chains communicate and operate effectively on an international scale.  With our wide range of language and communications services, we can help you and your employees tap into new markets around the globe.


Technical documentation in every language                                            

We can handle all your technical documentation needs, whatever the language or format – from product information and user guides to maintenance manuals and online help. EHLION works exclusively with native speakers who possess outstanding qualifications as translators or interpreters as well as years of experience in the various specialist areas of the electrical and electronics industry.

As a full-service agency, EHLION has extensive experience in the management of translation projects as well as terminology creation and management. We can provide invaluable support to your in-house translation department and are equally happy to take on all your translation requirements as an external supplier.

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EHLION | Our services, our languages

EHLION offers professional translations to companies in the electrical and electronics industries. As a full-service agency, we can also offer many other specialist services in the fields of language and international communication, EHLION can assist you in the ongoing internationalization of your company, e.g. by implementing the professional localization of your website together with you. Would you like to standardize your multilingual corporate communication? We can create specialized terminology databases, glossaries and in-house dictionaries from virtually any format. And our highly skilled DTP team will ensure perfect typesetting of all your foreign language materials. Would you like to find out more about the languages we offer? In addition to French, German and English, our qualified professionals support content translation in 100 languages. EHLION — putting language first.

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