Qualified Translators

Qualified translators at EHLION

We work exclusively with translators and interpreters who have qualifications accredited to ISO 17100. The strict criteria we use to select our specialized translators and interpreters help us ensure that they meet EHLION’s high quality standards. Our translators and interpreters are assigned to projects based on the language pairs they specialize in and the relevance of their experience and industry expertise for the task at hand. We require our translators and interpreters to demonstrate that they are committed to a process of continuous learning and professional development.

Qualifications and competencies stipulated in ISO 17100

  • Qualifications: A high level of formal training in translation (in the form of a recognized university degree); or comparable training in another field and/or at least five years of documented professional translating experience

  • The specific ability to prepare high-quality translations (including the ability to properly assess texts in terms of their unique difficulties and to produce a translation in the required style and register)

  • Linguistic and textual competence in both the source language and target language (including the knowledge and professional application of so-called text-type conventions which enable the translator to handle a wide range of general and, in particular, technical texts)

  • The ability to perform independent research and to find and assess information (i.e. the ability to quickly and efficiently acquire supplementary knowledge required to understand the source text and prepare the target text)

  • Cultural expertise, understood here as the ability to take the patterns of behavior and value systems dominant in the source and target cultures into account during the translation process

  • Professional expertise, i.e. the skills and abilities required to prepare and produce professional translations

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